Do I Need Crowns on my Top Front Teeth? (photo)

ive been good with brushing my teeth, however whenever i graduated im 19 now i got a little lazy and wasnt brushing my teeth i did drink lots of soda and smoked, now ive had serious erosion on my teeth i have completely quit drinking cola drinks and only drink water for the last 6 months and have been using baking soda which is how i got my teeth as white again, what are my alternatives to having crowns placed on all my top front teeth like my dentist wants?

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Do I Need Crowns on my Top Front Teeth? (photo) What are my Options?

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I see a lot of teeth problems from poor diets. Some drinks can be tremendously erosive, so good for you that you've changed those habits. Make sure that you are also using a prescription strength Fluoride preparation to re-harden your teeth.

Your photos show that you have some crowding. The fact that your bite isn't fitting well on the side is a concern that affects the durability of any type of work you have on your front teeth, so that should be evaluated further.

Since you are young, i would do crowns as a last resort.

If you have extensive cavities between those front teeth, or if your teeth are extremely soft, then they may be difficult to fill well. In that case crowns may be the only reliable option to fix your current problems.

A number of improvements could be accomplished with new bonding. Very large bondings are difficult to do well.

Make sure to visit an experienced cosmetic dentist as they are usually much more skilled at making the bonding come out smooth and with a natural size and shape.

Crowns on Top Front Teeth

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I'm not sure what the purpose of the crowns is. Is it purely cosmetic or is there decay on the teeth? This question really can't be answered without seeing X-rays and much better quality photos, as well as your answer to my first question. If cosmetics is the reason, and there is no decay, you might be able to hjave Porcelain Laminates. It's hard to tell from your photos exactly what type and size fillings you have in those teeth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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