Crowns on Healthy Teeth Instead of Veneers? (photo)

I just returned from a dentist in Bangkok. I had gone in looking for information on porcelain veneers. Just my top 6 teeth, mainly only to close a gap in my front teeth. Im 26 and ive had pretty good dental health my whole life. He said i wasn't a viable candidate for veneers because of my bite, and the contact my lower teeth make with my upper teeth in the back, so instead he wants to crown my top 4 teeth. I always thought crowns were for damaged teeth, i feel he could be doing it for the $$

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First thanks for the picture.  I am going to assume a few things; your bite is solid, you don't grind or clench your teeth, your gums are healthy and you have no issues on x-ray.  If that is the case, then I do not believe crowns are the answer!  Please see and experienced cosmetic Dentist.  We will make a wax up of what 4 or 6 veneer will look like.  This is an important step, it will give you an idea of what you can expect and it will allow your Dentist the opportunity to check your bite and how the veneers will change your smile.  If your bite is truly the issue, (it does look deep on the picture), then I would urge you to consider a non-invasive treatment such as invisalign first to correct your bite.  Then you can revisit the how to fix your front teeth.  At that point a little bonding may do the job nicely.  Best of all, you have done conservative Dentistry.  Good Luck and please do not rush into anything.

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