Recent Crowns on 5 Front Teeth Are Now Breaking off, Do Dentists Have to Guarantee Their Work?

I recently had 5 crowns put on my top front teeth. Three of the teeth were chipping quite often so the dentist said I should get crowns on all 5 so they would match. One tooth broke off after one month; another broke off after 3 months, another broke off yesterday. I've had to have root canals and new crowns on the first two. Now I'm wondering whether to get another crown on the 3rd one. I'm worried it will just break off again. Do dentists have to guarantee their work?

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Dentists Want To Do Work That Lasts

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When you go to a reputable dentist, you will find that their goal is to do work that lasts.  Broken and chipped dentistry that was just done is not the norm. Many of us warranty our work because it shouldn't break.  Sometimes their are outside issues, so you must talk to your dentist.   You may need a second or even third opinion about what is going on.  Be prepared to invest in your smile-It sounds like you will need to address more than one issue.  You are the consumer-do your homework and ask for a good referral from those you trust.  NOT ALL DENTISTS are the same-

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Porcelain Crowns and Longevity

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Many dentists who are very confident in their skills and work do offer some type of warranty for their work.  In your situation, there is something else going on.

It sounds as if you may have a bite problem or grinding issue.  I would suggest not to do any further work until this is addressed.  Sometimes a TMJ issue or sleep apnea issue can be the cause of breaking teeth. Perhaps get an opinion from a dentist who treats complex cases or has had advanced training bite related and TMJ issues.

Ronald W. Konig DDS, FAGD, LVIF

Ronald Konig DDS
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Dentistry should last a reasonable amount of time.

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Obviously I am going on a very limited amount of information given in you statement. However, recently done crowns should NOT break or fall off so soon. If the problem is you bite (stong bite, clenching, grinding) then this should have been considered by your dentist and/or fixed prior to doing any treatment. Also the choice of materials (there are different kinds of crowns) would be very important in a person with bite issues. If the problem is not your bite, then it could be doctor error, lab error or poor technique or materials.

The dentist should not charge you anything extra to re-do them. I don't like that you had to have root canals done after the first crowns broke. I would seek a second opinion. You can contact your local dental or state dental association for help on what recourse you may have.

Good luck

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
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Crowns Breaking, Do Dentists Have to Guarantee Their Work?

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Actually, the State Dental Board will not permit a dentist to "guarantee" their work, at least in Texas.  Most dentists have some type of warranty all the same. 

But the real issue is why were your teeth chipping even before the crowns, as well as after?  You should not spend any more money on those front teeth until you know why you continue to have problems there.  Probably  back teeth are either missing or worn down too short, putting too much pressure on the front teeth.

You should seek out a dentist with post-graduate training not only in cosmetic dentistry, but neuromuscular dentistry, to find out why your bite makes your teeth keep breaking. 

New Crowns Breaking; Do Dentists Guarantee Their Work?

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Many dentists who strive for excellence will guarantee their work for a certain period of time.  I feel it is part of providing excellent customer service.  If there is a high risk of problems with a cosmetic treatment the patient should be informed in advance and instructed as to what can be done to minimize possible problems.  In your case possibly the bite should have been corrected or the muscle forces creating the breakage controlled prior to proceeding.  First recommendation would be to find an excellent cosmetic dentist for a second opinion.

Recent Crowns on 5 Front Teeth Are Now Breaking off, Do Dentists Have to Guarantee Their Work?

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I sponsored a seminar that later changed everything I did in my dental practice. My practice sponsored the Ritz-Carlton for a seminar on their Secrets to Customer Service. The goal of this level of service is to create and experience that truly delights our client.

While traditionally there are no guarantees in dentistry and other healthcare, if you were my patient I would want to be be enthusiastic and delighted with your new crowns.

In the situation you describe, If I were the dentist, I would be embarrassed and want to make you happy, beyond the cost concerns. On the other side, crowns are made of porcelain and are not indestructible, so patients do have their own responsibility to care for them properly.

In your situation, there could be an underlying issue with the precision of your bite, in addition, you may clench or grind your teeth and that can be part of the chipping issue.

In your situation, I would make a short list of your concerns and ask for some time to speak to the dentist. When everyone is calm, this can be a productive conversation. If the emotions on either side get whipped up, then no progress is made.

I would expect new crowns to be more trouble-free than you described.

Crowns can brake for many reason

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Crowns can brake for many reason, but it seems to me from your description that You have Bite issues that have bot been addressed. Porcelain is very strong and if they are CHIPPING away as you call it making more of them or replacing them , will not do you any good. The bite has to be addressed  . If I were you I would ask  WHY are they breaking and what is his solution. I cannot speak for the other dentist,  but if my patient had bite issues, I would offer him a treatment to treat the bite issues along with placing crowns, and only then I offer my guarantee .

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Recent crowns on 5 front teeth are breaking off. Do dentists guarantee their work?

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 Many times the bite is compromised in the front and if you try and restore already broken teeth in the front you could end up with the same tension that always existed.  It could also be dentist error and the crowns are not bonded correctly.  Many factors could be the problem and I would seek a second opinion with a cosmetic dentist.  Good luck!

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