Necessary crowns for discolored gray teeth then unnecessary veneers?

I am planing to get 2 crowns on my grayish molar teeth, then I would like to do the veneer procedure. Also most of my molar teeth are grayish due to amalgam restoration and the frontal teeth are light yellowish, in frontal teeth I have large gaps. Is it possible to solve all of these issues during veneer procedure? The second question is how long does it take to do all of these procedures since I have about one month to get them done?

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Necessary crowns for discolored gray teeth then unnecessary veneers?

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Is it possible, absolutely yes. Is that the best way to have your treatment done, all at once...that is debatable and depends on the dentist, the material he will use for the front and back teeth, and the lab.

What will happen as soon as your dentist removes the mercury amalgam fillings is that the underlying teeth will no longer be gray. Therefore your dentist could use all-ceramic crowns (I like EMax the best) for your back teeth and porcelain veneers made out of Emax for your front teeth. The advantage of this is that all your teeth will be the same color, done at the same time by the same lab, and often coordinate much better than segmenting your treatment.

Discuss this with your dentist, as he may only be comfortable in doing your treatment in phases.

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Yes, porcelain crowns and veneers can be completed in one month.

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You might be pushing the time a bit, but if you have a great dentist with an excellent local dental lab... no problem. Regarding the spaces, color and shape of your teeth - yes, veneers and crowns will correct all of these issues. You should try to have the work completed in three weeks so you have some time to exercise your new teeth. One or two adjustments is not uncommon when placing multiple new dental restorations. Remember, porcelain is very hard and it doesn't adjust itself very easy. If there is a high spot or some interference with chewing it can lead to broken porcelain or a tooth-ache if not addressed quickly.

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