Had A Crown and Bridge Fitted 4 Months Ago, and Bridge is Loose, What Can I Do?

I had a crown and Bridge fitted four months ago and my brige is loose. My dentist filed down my teeth saying that it could be my bite , if not my tooth under my cap could be fractured but he could not see on the xray. He was going to send me home and I said so what know?, he said see if it firms up and come back in 3 weeks.1 week later and it seems worse. He followed with, you may need to get dentures or a rod put in the tooth but that will be expensive.I have paid $2500 as it is.What do I do?

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Ask for a refund for a loose bridge after 4 months.

When you do a bridge the dentist must make sure the teeth supporting the bridge are stable and healthy enough to support the bridge for a long time. Furthermore, the dentist must evaluate the bite to make sure the bridge will hold up with the current bite. If not the bite must be addressed first.

You should get a refund for this work and seek another opinion.

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Dental Implants are A better option than a Bridge Long Term

There are a few issues that may be occurring. If the tooth is fractured it will most likely need to be extracted. If the tooth was root canaled previously a post and buildup may be able to repairnthentooth, but in my experience this ismy short term fix. The bridge will not fit after this and will need to be replaced. This will cost you more unless your doctor is a respectable one and charges you for the lab work only.. Individual implants or an implant bridge will most likely give you a lifetime of restoration. If the dentist blamed he issue on your bite, he needs to make sure he adjusts the restoration to accommodate this

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