Crowned Lateral Incisors Has Moved Slightly and is Rough Around the Edges, Does it Need to Be Replaced?

hello, i have four crowned front teeth (cosmetic reasons) out on my teeth in Budapest five years ago. One of my crowned lateral incisors has moved slightly and is rough around the edges, so much so it is rubbing on my lower lip causing pain and cutting. Can it be smoothed down or will it need to be replaced completely? Thanks!

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I think you should change it, not because of the smooth surface, its more because its hurting your lower lip,and this cannot happen,its avery simple thing, and you can have again a tooth in place and smooth surface,

Replace or Smooth Rough Edge on Porcelain Crown

The roughness of a porcelain crown or veneer can easily be polished by a cosmetic dentist so that it no longer has a sharp edge and cuts into your lower lip.  Find a cosmetic dentist and he/she will use a series of porcelain polishing instruments, very fine diamond drills, special rubber impregnated rubber wheels made specially for polishing porcelain crowns and veneers, to smooth the edge of the crown that bothers you.
Whether or not you elect to completely replace the porcelain crown will depend on how much of the crown has to be smoothed and how the end result looks.
One thing that you should discuss with your dentist "is why" the tooth moved or drifted in the first place?  Was it because you have periodontal disease, a habit that puts pressure on the tooth (placing a pencil in between your teeth, musical instrument, resting your thumb or finger behind the tooth, etc.), or do you have an unstable occlusion (bite).  If there is an underlying cause that is not corrected you could very well experience a continual movement of that tooth and possibly other teeth as well.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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Why teeth shift in the first place

Teeth shift for many reasons, and they always move towards the path of least resistance. 

They shift  because of the following to name a few :

1) guidance ( orthodontics)

2) Periodontal disease ( bone loss)

3) Occlusion forces( uneven and unbalances bite)

4) Grinding and clinching 

5) Neuromuscular issues of the head and neck area causing uneven bite.

6) Missing neighboring teeh

Its very hard to answer your question without having at least a photo of your teeth. Your tooth coming out of alignment may be shortened or replaced, but  you need to find out WHY it shifted in the first place. After all even if you shorten it or replace it what makes you think it won't happen again or other three crowns won't do the same. good luck.


Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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Crowned Lateral Incisor-moved after treatment

Ideally an old rough crown which has moved from its original position should be replaced. But, if clinically the damage to the crown(rough edges) is minimal then your doctor may decide to smoothen it for the time being assuming that the movement has not caused spacing between your crowns/teeth.

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