Crown Vs. Veneers

One of my top canines is completely turned sideways. It has always bothered me because of the way it looks when I smile. My dentist recently suggested a crown, but I don’t want to grind down a perfectly good tooth. They have always suggested braces or Invisalign, but I know that is going to be pretty expensive and will take some time. Would a veneer be a better option? I am also worried about coloring of a fake tooth.

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Sounds like you need a crown.

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Based on your description, a veneer will not be the best option for a completely turned sideway tooth. You would need a crown if you want an immediate result and avoid braces.

Also, it is very difficult to make a diagnose without any X-rays and pictures, but on those cases usually a root canal would be also needed because when you do the drilling you get very close to your teeth's pulp.

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