Crown or Veneer for Chipped Tooth (w/ Root Canal)?

I chipped off the bottom half of my front central incisor. If I need a root canal, should I have a veneer or a full crown? My dentist wants to put on a 3/4 crown, which she calls a veneer. Also, what happens if my dentist puts on the veneer and I need a root canal later?

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Porcelain veneer may be an option after a root canal

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With all dentistry, the pre-existing condition of the tooth determines how much or how little tooth needs to be repaired.  If the tooth was already badly broken, decayed or cracked, and then a root canal was performed, a full coverage crown may be the best option.  Your dentist can evaluate how much natural tooth you have left to help decide if a full coverage crown is a better option for you than a porcelain veneer. 

Chicago Dentist

Veneer is a good choice for fractured front tooth.

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The veneer is the best choice for this situation because its esthetically pleasing and restores the tooth without excessive grindown of tooth structure. If you need a root canal then its done from behind the tooth no problem..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Crown Or Veneer For Chipped Tooth

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It's hard to say  which way is better without checking the tooth and the bite of the patient. I always lean toward an all porcelain crown for a root canaled tooth. But there are cases where the tooth is in a perfect shape with a small access for root canal with a very light or no occlusion with the opposing arch, in this case I would go with a veneer.

For posterior teeth with no doubt, I will do an all porcelain crown.

Kate Sahafi, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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Veneer for fractured tooth

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Your dentist has made a wise plan of treatment for the chpped tooth you describe. A veneer that wraps the tooth will conserve tooth structure, support the tooth, and provide maximum esthetics. Should a root canal be needed later, it can be easily accomplished from the back side without disturbing your new veneer.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Veneers usually not enough for root canal treated teeth

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The rule of thumb is to do the least amount of dentistry necessary to do the job.  If the tooth is simply chipped, a veneer or 3/4 crown may be appropriate.  If the tooth ALREADY has a root canal, then a full crown is best.

There are no certainties with teeth, so one cannot say your tooth won't need a root canal in the future.  It is possible it WILL need one, but that might be a week from now or a decade.

The third case in my attached video is a case with the two front teeth fractured.  We placed two veneers and no root canal, but the teeth may still need that in the future.

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