How Does Crown Thickness Influence Facial Support?

I am having teeth 4-13 replaced by a prosthodontist. implant supported bridge.The crown portion of the implant can vary in bulkiness. My initial "trial" seemed to highlight the gap due to bone resorption between the central incisors. What can I ask to be proactive about aging? Where should I bulk and how much ? I am interested in maintaining a youthful look whether or not that increases my lip size. Will bulking the entire set of teeth would aid in cheek and lip support over time?

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Should you bulk a crown up

Bulking up a crown does not compensate as much as you think, since there can not be much room for bulking up without added issues like food trap and sacrificing aesthetics  . And if you exaggerate it, then you may not like the end result. This is why every time we are making major changes and I am doing reconstructions of any sort, a mock up, a wax up is an integral part of the treatment. A prosthodontist is not a cosmetic dentist, so you need to make sure that cosmetic is not being sacrificed for function if at all possible. 

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Proactive about aging

It is difficult to elaborate without pictures, but is seems you have the right idea.  Overbulking slightly and increasing length of the teeth gives a more youthful look.  The upper jawbone resorbs (contracts) 1mm a decade up towards the nose and back towards the back of the nose.  The skin also loses elasticity.  These factors contribute to make us look older.  There is a balance between overbulking the prosthesis and adding other ways.  For example, botox, fillers, and plastic surgery to either tighten the skin or move the maxilla bone down and forward.  It all depends your surgeons skill set and your preference...

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How does crown thickn ess effect facial support?

Not very much an average crown is 1.5mm thick about 25mm makes a inch.What you would want is to flare the crowns facially or increase their angle to offer more lip support, I suggest having a diagnostic wax up done then see how the temps look on you...For every 3-5mm of thickness you may get 1mm of additional lip support. You may also get this by orthodontically moving your front teeth forward... remember there are limitations good luck


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