I Had a Crown Put on over a Mth. Ago. 3 Days Later, I Started with a Headache and Every Day Since. Can It Be the Tooth?

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Can It Be the Tooth?

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Yes it very well may be.  Have your dentist adjust your bite ASAP.................................................

Norwalk Dentist

Headache...can it be caused by a new crown?

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Yes, that is possible.  Return to your dentist and made absolutely certain that your bite (occlusion) is even and properly adjusted.  That is often difficult to do at the same appointment that the crown was placed, as you no doubt had your tooth numbed when the crown was cemented into place.  More accurate bite adjustments can be done when your are not numb.

A bit that is off can cause not only headaches, but neck aches, back pain, jaw pain and other things.  I can't stress how important it is that your bite be very even and that you aren't hitting on a particular tooth harder than the others.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Tooth Got Crown - You Got Headache

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This could be related to an occlusal problem caused by a high crown. The need is for your dentist to diagnose the bite and remove any extra porcelain on the crown if that is the finding. A high bite is common and not to be ignored. Bites need to be exact and not approximately right. Especially when a tooth is numb when the crown is being cemented in place, there is difficulty in getting the bite exactly right. Let your dentist study the bite, adjust the occlusion and you will feel much better in many cases within a few hours.

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