Crown Procedure/Bite Correction. Need Second Opinion?

A restoration dentist determined that a bite problem has caused a hairline fracture in my right eye tooth (which also has a root canal). The endodontist rechecked the eyetooth w/root canal (x-ray) for infection – results normal but suggested a crown be placed on the eyetooth immediately. The restoration dentist wants to put a temp. crown followed by a permanent crown and the split for bite correction. Why the 2 crowns when this is going to be the same dimensions as the natural tooth? Please advise…

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Crown procedure after a root canal treatment

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The crown will restore the tooth to its normal shape, size and function. Its purpose is to strengthen or improve the appearance of the tooth. its needed to protect a a weak tooth from fracturing and to restore a fractured tooth. Also after root canal treatment is always recommended to avoid fractures and more tooth loss.

Fairfax Dentist

Crown Will Strengthen a Root Canal Tooth

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If there is a hairline fracture in the "eye-tooth", then you should immediately place a temporary crown on the tooth in order to prevent thjat fracture from lengthening and perhaps splitting the tooth, necessitating an extraction. After the dentist takes the impression, it will be a couple of weeks before the permanent crown is ready to be cemented. You might also need a POST to help anchor the crown to the root.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Fractured Root Canal Tooth Needs Crown

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Teeth that have had root canals are more susceptible to fracture as they are weakened from loss of tooth structure, blood supply and are more brittle. If the bite is heavy in the area that even makes fracture more likely.  It is normal to wear a temporary crown while the final restoration is made at a laboratory.  Some offices will do a one vist crown with the use of a CAD/CAM system such as Cerec.

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