Crown Lengthening After 5 Front Veneers to Stop Swelling Gums. Will It Help?

I had 5 veneers placed a year ago in Cancun.They look fine but I've had many problems with them.I came back to the US with a raging gum infection, 2 of the veneers fell off and I had to have 3 root canals within a month after having the permanents placed.I am still having a problem with swollen gums around those 5 veneers and they bleed easily.My new dentist and another periodontist agree that this is due to the veneers being placed too far under the gum.Will a crown lengthening fix my problem?

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Crown Lengthening After 5 Front Veneers to Stop Swelling Gums. Will It Help?

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I am really sorry to hear that you are having so many problems after your porcelain veneers. You seem to be having many more problems than I would have expected with veneers.


It sounds like your cosmetic dentist and your periodontist are on the right track to cure your swollen gums. It's also possible that you have some of the veneer cement buried under the gums as well. When the periodontist does the crown lengthening he should be able to check for that.


I suspect that within days of having the crown lengthening, you'll start to notice improvements! 


(For any of the other readers--this post-operative problem is not typical and much more extensive than the minor issues we occasionally see. Feel free to ask your cosmetic dentist ahead of time what complications are common, and how would they be handled. Care AFTER your veneers go on is important as well!

Crown lenghtening after front veneers

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Unfortunately you have seen first hand why "tourism" dentistry is an issue.  You have veneers placed and ended up with a bad gum infection.  Normally any crown lengthening done in the esthetic zone needs to be completed before the restoration is placed.  Managing gum tissue can be unpredictable and your veneers may need to be done over to make them look right.  Basically you got what you paid for. 

Gum problems after veneers are placed.

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I too am sorry to hear about the problems you have been having with your "tourism" veneers.  These type of procedures are very exacting and require careful followup.  Sometimes rushing into these types of cases can cause problems.  It does sound like the veneers were finished too far under the gums, or cement was left under the gums which is irritating.  Your local specialists are on the right track, moving the bone and gums away from the margin of the veneer should reduce this inflammation, however you may end up with teeth that are slightly longer. 

These types of problems including debonding of veneers are very rare. 

Hope this works out!!

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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Gum problems after veneers

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Obviously you learned y our lesson by now. Crown lengthening in the right hands may solve the problem, but it may make your teeth look too long. Be careful in choosing the right periodontist and see if they know how to so it using laser .

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Inflammation of the gum around veneers

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Completely agree with my peers. The veneers preparation of the tooth should not be violating certain depth of the gum tissue, otherwise it can cause severe problems. Crown lengthening can be a solution in such a situation, but is a very tricky procedure, that can cause in unexperienced hands disasterous complications. 

Will Crown Lengthing Help With Swollen Gums from Veneers

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If your veneers were placed too far under the gum the crown lengthening should resolve your problem.  Veneers are normally not placed under the gum to begin with.  Unfortunate you had such disasterous results and poor work done.  Classic example of what so many patients don't realize is that its long term quality and value you want in a cosmetic makeover.  If not done well the initial cost is irrelevant.

Crown Lengthening After Veneers

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"You get what you pay for!" You got a "bargain" in Cancun, and you'll be paying for it the rest of your life.


Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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