Crown for Front Teeth? (photo)

Hello sir m rehmat khan from India and I have my front teeth out of shape and I dnt want to put braces for whole year. Fi there is any other way like crown , so is it safe or successful for my teeth please guide me hope u will... I hope u guide me that which is the better for me

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Porcelain veneers are often alternative to braces

Sometimes called "instant orthodontics", porcelain veneers often allow one to control the color, length and shape of teeth in as few as two visits. Braces would be my number one advice, but take that off the table and veneers are your best next option.

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Can I have crowns on my front teeth to make them straight?

You have three choices:

1) Doing orthodontics, either traditional braces or Invisalign. However, you made your point clear, you are not willing to do orthodontics. I completely understand.

2) You could have crowns, but in my professional opinion, doing crowns would require too much tooth preparation (drilling of your teeth), as it appears in general you have pretty healthy teeth.

3) The third choice, and the one I recommend, is porcelain veneering. You can have a nice smile in less than a months time, your teeth won't be drilled on so much and you can avoid the orthodontic treatment. Oftentimes cosmetic dentists call this approach, of straightening teeth with veneers instead of braces, "Instant orthodontics", because the appearance of straight teeth can be accomplished so quickly.

At the web link below, there are several examples how this is done.

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