Can I Have a Crown Cut?

I have a crown that is being made right now in the process but I love the shape Of my temporary tooth and I was wondering that If I don't like the shape of my old tooth if When I go see it and I don't like it can they take it back to the lab to cut it. the thing Is I don't like the shape of my old tooth can a doctor make my crown and I when I go see it to tell him I want it in the shape of my temporary crown and he take it back to the lab? Please help I'm stressing out about this!!!

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Final Shape of a Permanent Crown

If you are happy with your temporary crown your dentist can take an impression of this crown in your mouth and make your new crown the same shape and size.  This is easily communicated with the laboratory prior to having the crown made so that your expectations can be met.  Good luck.

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Can my new crown match the shape of the Temporary?

Let your dentist know you really like the shape to the temporary.  He can send a model or photo of it to the lab so they have a guide as to how you would like the crown shaped.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
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Can I cut my crown?

The dentist can make your crown in wax for your review prior to insertion we can insert the crown with temporary cement to make sure your happy. Please keep in mind the shape of the crown in most cases is dictated by the shape and position of the teeth in front and behind and above or below.  Good luck



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Crown, provisional, temporary.

The whole point of the provisional, temporary restoration is to try in the proper shape and color before the final crown is made. If you like the provisional restoration,tell you dentist about it. He/she can then take photos and a model of the provisional and have the technician duplicate it. Don't stress about it...just talk to your dentist. Best wishes,

Zev Kaufman, DDS
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Having a Crown Cut

When your permanent crown is ready, have your dentist place it in your mouth with temporary cement only and try it out for a week or 2. If you are then having any issues with it, discuss it with the dentist, and see if he can correct it, or if it has to go back to the lab.

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Loving your Temporary

Yes, your crown can be reshaped.   You should let your dentist know when they return to the office. They can let the lab know that you like the temp shape as they are making it and deliver the crown you desire in the first time rather than making adjustments. Good luck. 

Sarah Roberts, DMD
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The permanent crown will be better than the temporary,wait and see dont worry

you are worrying too much . the permanent crown will be better than the temporary. it can be shaped chairside

Mal Braverman, DMD
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