I Had a Crown That Had a Cavity Under It, Took the Crown off and Fixed the Cavity, Put on Temporary Was Fine, Put on Perm Crown?

now it is quickie to the touch, do I need a root canal?

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Probably a new crown

there is limited info on your post, however is the question about having a permanent crown placed again the answer is yes, and the best to do in my personal opinion is having a new one, because we have to see where did that cavity or leak came from. I would suggest a new permanent crown done. However, remember is hard to tell without proper info such as Xrays and pictures. Good luck.

Decay under filling

There is not enough info about your situation  I am not clear if you ended up getting a new crown  or are you saying you put the old crown back on? If so,  had it fallen out itself? please go into details of what happened specially if you do no have an x-ray and photo to post. I will try to help anyway:

Crowns are not usually "taken off" you have to remove it by destroying it, cutting through it,  or chipping and removing it. It hardly ever comes off , if it is a good crown. Therefore, it is "bad" dentistry to put back the same ill fitting crown that most probably was leaking and allowed bacteria entering under the tooth to cause recurrent decay  on the  tooth n the first place. Therefore may be a temporary crown was covering your tooth better than the crown and so with what you have on, you'll continue having pain.

Check with an endodontist ( root canal specialist)to see if you need a root canal prior to replacing the crown with a new well fitting all porcelain one. 

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Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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Put on permanent crown?

Yes I would not leave the temporary it will leak and you will get decay again I suggest you complete the treatment good luck



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