I have been bald on both of my sides since I was seventeen. I'm now 27. I wear wigs. I'm tired of wigs. What are my options?

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I have been bald on both of my sides since I was seventeen. I'm now 27. I wear wigs. I'm tired of wigs. What are my options?

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Differences between “Organic Hair Transplantation” and classical hair transplantation :

A chemical mixture is used in the classical hair transplantation method in order to increase the volume of the scalp. This process helps surgeon to work comfortably however it was observed that these chemicals also harm the scalp tissue. This result in decreased viability of new transplanted hair grafts.

However a mixture containing adipose derived stem cells is injected to the scalp in the “Organic Hair Transplantation” for the same purposes. Injection of this mixture result in rejuvenation of the scalp without causing any harm. Surgeon can also work more comfortably after the injection of the mixture since the volume of the scalp is increased

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Bald on both sides

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I would need to know more about you in order to give you reasonable advice.  Would it be possible to submit a photo? The image does not need to reveal your identity and would be very helpful in allowing me to give you some advice.

John Frank MD

John E. Frank, MD
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Bald for 10 years - what are options

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Treatments for hair loss are dependent on the type of hair loss. So you'll want to see a dermatologist or hair transplant specialist to figure out what is the cause of your hair loss. Only then can you be guided with the proper treatment. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

Bald on side of head

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Thinning of the hair can occur for several reasons. The most common in men is normal male pattern baldness that is more genetically based. And women same thing, however there are other sources of alopecia or thinning of the hair. This can include an autoimmune reason, an infectious reason such as fungal, or trauma from traction or a burn.  It could also represent some metabolic disorders or endocrine disorders.  
I would definitely go to seek to hair restoration specialist or a dermatologist who specializes in hair to have a more thorough workup. They would best be in a position to tell you what a hair transplantation is an option for you.

Bald since 17

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Have you been evaluated by a primary care doctor to find out what the cause of your baldness is?  This would be the first thing to address.  There are different options available to treat baldness such as Rogaine topically and Propecia which is a pill you take by mouth.  Surgically there is hair transplantation but this all depends on what the root of your baldness is and whether or not you have any donor hair available.

Anh Lee, MD
El Paso Plastic Surgeon
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