Invisalign for Crowded Teeth and Prognathism?

Hello. I am 26 years old and I both suffer from crowded teeth and prognathism(my doctor found the last one, I have never noticed it-it's not very visible).What cure is ideal for me? Can invisalign help me? My doctor said that a cure with invisalign would make my prognathism worse. Please, help me

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Invisalign For Crowded Teeth

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Whenever your teeth are crowded it means there is not enough space to allow all of your teeth to line up straight. A shortage of space will have to be resolved in one of three ways before teeth can be moved: 1) extract teeth, 2) make the arch that the teeth are embedded in wider or 3) slenderize some teeth (typically front teeth).  One of these three things has to be done before teeth can be lined up straight.

Extracting teeth often causes excessive space, can cause a dramatic change in facial appearance and can even lead to TMJ Dysfunction. Widening arches is the least stable alternative and must be managed with great care after completing orthodontics (life long retainers). Slenderizing teeth (a very common solution, especially with Invisalign treatment) is an easy solution when crowding is mild to moderate in nature. If done properly, it will not harm the teeth and provides a stable resolution to the problem of crowding.

Prognathism is a jaw (can be upper or lower--upper is most common) that sticks out too far. Your dentist is right, Invisalign is NOT good for resolving this problem. This is a problem that can only be resolved with surgery or an orthopedic dental appliance. 

If the prognathic jaw is not severe you may choose to simply straighten the teeth and live with the slightly protruding jaw.

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