I Have Crowded Lower Teeth and Grade 3 Malocclusion/underbite. Which Braces Would Be Best?

Would like advice on what would be most effective in solving the crooked,overcrowded lower teeth. I would also like to improve my underbite which is slightly uncomfortable. However, I am 95% sure I do not want to undergo jaw surgery which seems v. extreme. What alternatives are there? My dentist imformed me I also have a scissorbite/crossbite (back left). I really want to sort my teeth out and would appreciate any advice.

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Correction of crowded teeth and "underbite".

The choice of treatment depends on the underlying nature of your jaw relationship and tooth position. If the underbite is due to imbalance in jaw size, it is unlikely it can be corrected with braces alone and will probably require jaw surgery. On the other hand if jaw size is reasonably balanced and the problem is one of tooth malpositon it is possible that orthodontics alone could be the solution. In any event, analysis to determine this distinction should be done by an orthodontist who can then recommend the approach that will best meet your needs.

Mercer Island Orthodontist

Crowding, underbites and crossbites point to orthopedic (bone structure) problems.

Crowding, underbites and crossbites point to orthopedic (bone structure) problems.  These are common reasons a person seeks orthodontic treatment.  I see you are in England.  Dentofacial orthopedics began in Europe (on the mainland) at least 80 years ago and holds the answer to your question.  Of course you will need an evaluation by a competent (one with years of experience in Dentofacial Orthopedics) orthodontist.  But this type of treatment first and then either braces or Invisalign next can, I am sure, give you the very best result.  Good luck to you.

Kent Lauson, DDS, MS
Denver Orthodontist

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