Can I Get Invisalign?

i am 15 years old and i have okay teeth. my 2 front teeth are straight but each tooth next to them overlaps or goes a little behind the tooth. can i get invisalign?

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Invisalign for teens

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In general Invisalign is good at rotating front teeth, so it would probably work well for you.  And they make a type of Invisalign for teens now, so you are probably going to be able to get your teeth straightened without braces.  One VERY important factor influencing the success of Invisalign is how dedicated the patient is to wearing the aligners.  If you can guarantee to yourself that you would wear the aligners 22 hours each day then you can look forward to straight teeeth without braces! 

Seattle Orthodontist


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You bet! Invisalign does a great job of aligning upper front teeth such as you show in your photograph. Of course it could also be done with regular braces. But my choice would be Invisalign!

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Depends On Eruption of Permanent Teeth

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The best way to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign (Teen) is to get a comprehensive consultation with an orthodontist so s/he can evaluate the eruption of your permanent teeth.  If everything looks good, theoretically, you will definitely be considered a candidate for Invisalign based on the picture you provided.  

Although you may a candidate, I cannot say for certain whether Invisalign may be the optimal method (versus braces) of treatment.  It is best to get an evaluation from a doctor who has experience treating patients with both Invisalign and braces to determine this.

Tony Cucalon III DDS
San Francisco Orthodontist

Invisalign Teen can be a great option

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Invisalign Teen can be a great option for you.  This relatively new Invisalign service is gaining a lot of traction these days and is destined to be a mega-trend in orthodontics.  It has been said "Braces are for kids, but teens prefer Invisalign."  Of course a full evaluation by a qualified Invisalign doctor would be the first step.  Good luck and keep smiling!

It looks like it might work well

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From your photograph, it looks like your lateral incisors are turned inwards.  By gettting them straightened, it will make you have a broader, more balanced smile.  Invisalign is really good at turning incisors.  If you are willing to wear the aligners they can do a good job.  A visit with an orthodontist or experienced Invisalign provider will help you know if there are other problems that need to be addressed and if Invisalign teen will do it well.

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

Invisalign teen may be a great option for you

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From what I can see in your picture (good job, by the way), it looks like you may be a good candidate for Invisalign teen.  You would want to contact a dentist or orthodontist for a consultation for a definite answer, of course. 

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

Am I candidate for Invisalign?

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As an orthodontist, we would need to see you in person (do an examination) to know if you are candidate for Invisalign treatment.

There is an Invisalign product made for teenagers called Invisalign Teen so you may be a candidate for it?

Gary Kloberdanz, DDS, MS
Greeley Orthodontist

Invisalign Teen is Great for You!

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What a great job with the pic ;-) It doesn't appear that you have a severe case, but your best bet is to go to an Invisalign Specialist or Orthodontist and get an evaluation. Make sure you get more than one consultation and have your parents do lots of research on the doctor they chose. Invisalign is great for active teens. Instead of having to come in every month for visits for should be able to go every other... and your friends wont be able to notice that your wearing them! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, DMD
New York Orthodontist

Will Invisalign Work for Me?

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From the photo you provided it appears that you have mild-moderate crowding which is solved ideally with Invisalign.  You are definitely a potential candidate but only your dentist of orthodontist following an exam can tell you if Invisalign will solve all of your concerns. Good luck and remember...a beautiful smile will serve you well for the rest of your life as long as you USE IT!

Invisalign is great for minor cases

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While it is difficult to tell from the photo given, it does not appear that the case is overly complicated or crowded.  Invisalign works well in those cases.

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