What treatment options besides Rhinoplasty can fix my crooked nose?

Hello all,I have a crooked nose and would like to know of treatment options besides rhinoplasty,I recently got a qoute of $5,300 and I cant afford to pay that because im going to college soon.I have never been unsecure but my crooked nose is simply driving me crazy lol,However my cusin is studying to become a ENT doctor and he said if i break my nose then go to the ER a doctor would realign it and my medical'california medicare'insurance would cover it,please help im so confused.

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Crooked Nose

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Straightening a crooked nose is a challenging part of any rhinoplasty.  It's best to wait until you have the funds and then seek the advice of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Short term cheaper solutions are often more costly in the long run.

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Correction of a Crooked Nose Following Trauma Usually Requires Rhinoplasty

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                  It’s not unusual for the nasal cartilage to slowly curve after a nasal fracture. In many cases the nose may actually be straight after the swelling has resolved. With the passage of time the cartilage slowly starts to bend and results in a curved nasal dorsum.

                  When this situation arises the nose should be critically evaluated. Not only should nasal aesthetics be evaluated, but attention should be given to the nasal airway as well. Under these circumstances, the cartilaginous nasal septum may be deviated as well, with resultant airway obstruction.

                  When a patient has a crooked nose following trauma, the nasal septum and nasal bones are usually both involved. In many cases patients often develop a dorsal hump as well. Correction of this problem usually requires a rhinoplasty. If nasal airway obstruction is present, a septoplasty may be necessary as well.

                  In patients with post traumatic nasal deformities with associated functional impairment, consultation with a board certified surgeon is appropriate. It’s never too late to correct post traumatic nasal deformities especially if they’re associated with functional impairment. 

Rhinoplasty By An Expert Is Required To Fix A Crooked Nose

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Thank you for your question.  The crooked nose is the most challenging situation in rhinoplasty surgery.  It usually requires both a nasal septoplasty and a rhinoplasty.  There really is no other alternative as filler injections or so-called "nonsurgical rhinoplasty" is not going to straighten your nose.

Although medical insurance will pay to set a broken nose a simple setting of a broken nose is not going to be a rhinoplasty and will not correct a crooked nose.

If you have difficulty breathing through one side of your nose caused by the crooked nose then insurance may well cover part of the procedure.

Crooked nose

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The crooked nose is one of the bigger challenges in rhinoplasty work. You need to see a respected and highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Any other approach is just foolish and the result will be worse. If you absolutely cannot come up with the necessary funds than go to a university hospital teaching program and have the work done by a resident in training, this is a much better option that having an ER doc try to correct a foolishly broken nose.

Crooked nose.

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You got a really good quote for what is usually a complicated septorhinoplasty. If it's really "driving you crazy" now that you know what it will take to fix it why not start saving a little bit every week towards getting it done instead of trying to work the system and not be responsible for yourself. You will appreciate it more and be able to choose the doctor you want, not whoever takes your plan.

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What Can I Do About my Crooked Nose?

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Make sure your relative gets his license before he starts practicing. There is so much more in straightening a "crooked" nose than JUST BREAKING IT! Seek in person evaluations with boarded and LICENSED rhinoplasty docs. 

Crooked nose

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Your cousin need to spend a little more timei n training. You do not want to break your nose and go to an er. Look for a teaching hospital and get properly treated

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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Best Way to Straighten Crooked Nose with Limited Funds

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Hi Lizzy,

Don't go out and get punched in your nose just yet!  In the Los Angeles area you may contact the teaching and training hospitals at LA County USC Medical Center or UCLA and inquire about having ENT or Plastic Surgery residents straighten your nose.  You may also possibly benefit from a temporary fix involving the injection of filler into your nose to help it appear more straight.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Insurance coverage

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If you are suffering from breathing difficulties or any other functional problems, then insurance may cover your surgery. Please see a plastic surgeon to determine the best treatment, then find out if you'll get insurance coverage for it.

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