Crooked Nose Tip or Uneven Swollen Nose Tip, 8 Weeks Post-septorhinoplasty?

Hi I am concerned about my nose tip, 8 weeks after rhinoplasty, the tip looks like it is slightly, maybe 1mm, crooked to the left side.. Will this stay like that, or is that uneven swelling?

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8 weeks post rhinoplasty

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At 8 weeks post rhinoplasty it is quite common to have sweling. Some asymmetry before and after is normal. Give it more time to settle down at least 6 months to a year.

Crooked nose 8 weeks following rhinoplasty.

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At 8 weeks following rhinoplasty there is still tissue fluid (edema) present that will take several more weeks to work its way out.  A 1 mm assymetry can be due to this tissue fluid.  My recommendation is to wait another month or 2 and then to revisit the situation with your surgeon.  Usually by 3 or 4 months, one can determine whether a revision will be necessary.  Changes that evolve following this time point usually do not enhance the cosmetic outcome.  I would caution, however, that correcting a 1 mm deviation is not a highly predictable venture.  If you decide to move forward it is adviseable to wait until approximately 12 months following your initial surgery.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC. 

Too early to tell at 8 weeks if tip is crooked or just swollen

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Swelling does not always set in (or resolve) evenly.  I would wait a few months and then review your results carefully with your surgeon.  If indeed you end up with long term asymmetry of the tip, a small revision may be helpful to even it out.

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