Can a Crooked Nose from Another Bad Rhinoplasty Be Fixed?

My surgeon added implant on my 2nd rhinoplasty. Months later it has extruded from its place. On my 2nd rhinoplasty (revision), he shaved off my bone again (I guess to make space for the implant so my nose doesn't look upturned). 5 months later it looks like the implant has moved from its position. I can now see a slight hump in my nose. My nose looks crooked from the front and right side. Can this be fixed? I don't think he placed an implant on my first rhinoplasty (had a long hooked nose).

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Crooked nose after Nasal Implant Placement

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Over the past 35 years I have avoided the use of implants in primary and revision rhinoplasty surgery because of the problems you have experienced. Without seeing you I suggest you consider removal of any implants and replace them with your own cartilage which will become incorporated into the surrounding normal tissue. 

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