Do I have a crooked nose due to a deviated septum? (photo)

I broke my nose when i was 5 or 6 now im 18 and my nose leans to the left side which makes my nose look crooked, and look bigger on the right side, also im not able to breath through my right nostril and most of the time i find myself breathing through my mouth i want to know if by fixing my septum will my nose get straight or will it stay crooked and leaning to the left side. thanks.

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Crooked Nose Due to Deviated Septum

It is difficult to answer your question with the limited photographs you submitted but usually a crooked nose is caused not only by a deviated septum but also malposition of the surrounding  bones and cartilages. All nasal structures should be examined when evaluating breathing function.

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Do I have a crooked nose due to a deviated septum?

The rhinoplasty will help with the way the nose looks.  A septoplasty may improve the breathing if a septal deviation is consistent with obstructive symptoms.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are two completely separate operations

A septoplasty is performed for medical necessity  which needs to be documented as blocking air flow passage through the nose. A septoplasty is billed to the patient's medical insurance for medical necessity. A septoplasty will not change the shape of the nose. A rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic purposes and can straighten or refine the appearance of the nose. For many examples, please see link below.

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Septum alone not the problem

While your deviated septum may contribute to the crooked external nose, the bones may have been broken and can contribute to the appearance. Obtain an opinion from a qualified and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who works with patients for both breathing and appearance issues with the nose.

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Correcting the crooked nose at the same time as a deviated septum

With regard to nasal deviation, three possibilities generally exist:
1. Visible external nasal deviation with internal septal deviation
2. No visible external nasal deviation (nose appears straight) with internal septal deviation
3. No visible external nasal deviation (nose appears straight) without internal septal deviation.

In your case, your external nose appears to be deviated to your left and it is possible that you also have a deviated septum internally. This could be confirmed during a consultation including an examination of your nose. Additionally, there are other areas of the nose that can be the cause of structural obstruction including the external valves, the internal valves and the turbinates. Physiologic problems can also cause nasal airway obstruction in the absence of a structural deformity - these include problems such as allergic rhinitis.

It is possible to correct the nasal airway obstruction at the same time as improving the appearance of your nose. Addressing a deviated septum that affects nasal airflow can also improve the external appearance of your nose; however, correcting the crooked nose typically requires other technical maneuvers in addition to septoplasty to obtain the best possible cosmetic result.

You should see seek the opinion of a board certified plastic surgeon to have an evaluation of your nose and nasal airway.

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Crooked Nose & Deviated Septum

Based on your pictures alone, it appears you have slightly crooked nose. The crooked nose can be a result of a deviated septum. Given your history of a breathing problem on one side, it makes sense that a deviated septum may be causing the external cosmetic crookedness AND the internal functinonal airway obstruction. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon with an expertise in rhinoplasty.

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Crooked nose should be repaired together with your aesthetic profile

yes it should be  repaired simultaneously with your  aesthetic profile  doing  a thomography  and  of course  discussing  with you your expectations for  results and previously a nice  exploration internally to get a  most near examination, results  are  awesome  and your  sport life surelly  will improve Dr. Navarro Mexico

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