Crooked Nose After Rhinoseptoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoseptoplasty in November 2011 but the front of my nose looks more crooked than before.The profile is perfect but I would make the front straight without enlarge it too much, how you can do it since I already had the septoplasty with removal cartilage (I was left with only the L-septal).Do you know a qualified surgeon for this in Italy or in Europe? thanks for any replies

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Crooked nose after septorhinoplasty

You will need some osteotomies to straighten the nose and possibly spreader grafting in the middle third to further keep that area straight especially if the dorsal septum is crooked. I do not know of any European surgeons so good luck there.

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Crooked Nose after Septorhinoplasty

   The bones can be adjusted as well as the septum.  If you do need a graft to stabilize the L strut of the septum, there may be additional septum if this was not removed or if only a small portion was removed.  Cartilage can also be obtained from the ear or the rib.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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