Crooked Nose 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

I had a septo/rhinoplasty done by an experienced suregon in december. He removed a hump and did some osteotomies. My nose has been swollen but it was definitely straight after surgery. I was pretty pleased with it. Now, I noticed about 3 weeks ago the the lower 2/3 of my nose is now crooked. its pointing to the right of my face. I didn't hit my nose or anything unless I did something while I was sleeping. It's more than a slight deviation so Im concerned. What are your thoughts?

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Crooked Nose Following Rhinoplasty Surgery

As much as we would like perfect healing after every rhinoplasty, sometimes there are intrinsic bends in the cartilage that only manifest after months (sometimes years).  The first thing to do is to return to your operating surgeon for an assessment.  Unfortunately, this situation, while unusual, typically requires a second procedure to correct.

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Crooked nose

  Its not uncommon for noses after a rhinoplasty to look straight and then as the swelling decreases and everything loosens up a bit to see a "drift "of the lower septal aspect of the nose to one side or the other. This can be a difficult and frustrating problem. Most likely it will take corrective surgery to the caudal ( lower ) septal area to restraighten the nose.

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Crooked Nose after Rhinoplasty

My thoughts are that you should discuss the deviation with your surgeon. It is unusual that a deviation or asymmetry is first noticed 7 months after the operation. Don't worry, it is very,very unlikely that you did anything to cause this problem.

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Crooked nose after rhinoplasty

  As the  residual swelling subsides in the nose many months after the procedure, subtle changes can occur such as becoming slightly crooked. This is due to the shrink wrap effect of the skin over the underlying cartilages. The type of surgery performed, skin type, and integrity of the cartilages  can all lead to a crooked nose. Best to wait at least a year before embarking upon another rhinoplasty.

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Crooked nose after rhinoplasty

As the nose heals after rhinoplasty there is a shrink wrap effect that can sometimes cause cartilage bending or distortion. This is a frustrating biologic event when it occurs and is often not able to be fully controlled. If you septum has warped or deviated you should have your surgeon evaluate it and suggest what may need to be done.

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Crooked Nose

8 months after Rhinoplasty, you are beginning to see the nose take its final shape. It is possible that either distortion of your dorsal septal cartilage or contracture of the skin-soft tissue envelope (or both) has lead to a deviation of the lower 2/3 of your nose.  My recommendation is that you return to your Surgeon and discuss your concerns. 

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Crooked nose after rhinoplasty

Adjustment of the nasal tip involves shaping the tip cartilages.  These can warp and shift over time, leading to an evolving asymmetry.  It is possible that things will settle over time, so it is important to wait at least 6 months before considering revision.  Persistent asymmetry may require another trip to the operating room.

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