Can a Crooked Nasal Bone Be Fixed Even when the Septum is Straight?

I suffered an injury to my nose which caused a fracture. I underwent a septoplasty to correct the septum, but the bones were left lying crooked. Now, I would like to correct the bones. Is it possible to reset the bones into their original positions even though the septum is straight?

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Broken nose

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The better question is why was it not fixed at the time of the septal surgery. Since both the septum and bone were traumatically injured the treatment of both should have been covered by health insurance.

You could have the bone treated now. The method of treatment and degree of expected improvement cannot be known without a photo/face to face examination. You can never go back to the pre-injury state but rasping off bone spurs, camouflaging indentations with crushed cartilage etc can significantly improve the look.

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Short Answer--Yes

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The nasal bones and the septum combine to form some of the more important support structures of the nose.  Imagine the septum as the "tent pole" and the nasal bones (and some cartilages) form the "walls" of the tent.  A lot of times fixing the septum will correct the breathing issue but the cosmetic problem will persist.  This can definitely be corrected with another surgery.

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