1 Week Post-op - Crooked Chin Implant?

I had my chin implant a week ago and I'm very worried. I know I might still be swollen and it is too early to tell but I know my swelling is pretty much gone, and I have the feeling that it is crooked. Tomorrow I will see my Surgeon but I would really like to know if I'm the only one who thinks it is crooked or not, and what would happen if he needs to fix it, would I have to pay for it? Thank you.

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Chin Implant

The chin is VERY CROCKED.

Can not tell if it is the implant, hematoma, swelling, fluid collection

Each office has its own policy on revision financial responsibility. Did you discuss that prior to surgery? Was it covered by the informed consent?

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There Can Be A Few Cause of Asymmetry After a Chin Implant

It takes a few weeks after your surgery to tell the final appearance of your chin after a chin implant.  At this time, there is swelling present and it can be asymmetric.  I would wait to reserve judgement of your results.  The chin is crooked, but there are many reasons that can cause it.  Poor position is one possible cause, but your doctor needs to make sure there are not other causes.

Most doctors will not charge a revision if it is their error. 

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