Crooked Chin After Enlargement, Options for Fixing?

Hello, 9 years ago I have done chin enlargement procedure. After the place healed I have noticed that my chin was crooked. My doctor injected some bio alcamid to the other side and missed a big spot in the middle which i only care about right now and not back then... My chin looks a bit like heart and I would like to fill in the middle spot. My question is: due to the BioAlcamid and the problems that can occur with this stuff, should I do it? The missing spot is right next to it. Thanks

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If all the problem is a small spot to fill and that will make you happy, Then try first a non permanent filler, like Rystalane, If you like the results then you can look into the permanent fillers. or fat.

We in the USA do not have the permanent fillers though I have seen lots of patients with problems with Bio Alcamid.

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