Crooked cartilage, but nose looks fine?

I was recently punched in the nose & had a bloody nose, but no symptoms of a broken nose (I spoke to a nurse over the phone). I went to the doctor the next day & after a quick look-see the doctor said my nose looked fine and said there did not appear to be any symptoms of a broken nose. I thought my nose was fine until today (5days later) I noticed the cartilage in my nose is crooked but my nose looks fine. The pain has reduced exponentially, but I'm still worried that my nose may need work???

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Crooked nose

You may well benefit from a rhinoplasty, but I would wait a total of at least three months before any surgery. You may feel better if you go on a consult with a surgeon in the next week to ake sure there is nothing that needs to be done sooner than that. Good luck!

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Crooked cartilage after broken nose can cause breathing problems

Thank you for your question. Please consult a plastic surgeon for an intranasal examination. It is common for nasal cartilage to be damaged during a broken nose and if the cartilages significantly deformed you may have breathing problems.

Cartilage and broken nose

As the swelling has subsided, he could appear that your nose bones or cartilage could have been fractured. X-rays would detect any bony fracture and examination by an ENT/ facial plastic surgeon can determine if there is any other dislocation of the cartilages. For more information about broken nose repair and our rhinoplasty photo gallery, please see the link below

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Crooked cartilage, but nose looks fine?

If you think some aspect of your nose looks different, you could return for another exam.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Crooked nose after trauma.

You should wait for eight weeks and if the nose is not crooked or your breathing is not impaired there is nothing to do. Otherwise see a nasal surgeon for this problem.

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Punched in the nose

Cartilage damage can occur to the septum and give you problems later or possibly no problems. I bet you will be fine. Go back to your doctor in 3 or 4 months and let him take a look. In all likelihood you will be just fine. My Best, Dr C

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