Crooked and Thin Nasal Bone Post-op? (photo)

It feels and appears that my nasal bone got much thinner and much crooked two weeks post-op. Does it look like it? I am very upset. Why do you think this happened if it happened? Will my nose be more prone to be broken and fragile because of this?!

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Rhinoplasty Post Op

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Since you are 2 weeks post op, you still have swelling in your nose.  This can account for any asymmetries at this time.  It is very important to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon in the early weeks of healing.  He may have you do nasal exercises where you look in a mirror while pushing your nasal bones with your index fingers to keep them in place as they settle.  Best wishes for a quick recovery!

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The nose is no more prone to fracture after rhinoplasty.

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After rhinoplasty even with nasal bone in fracturing the nose acquires its original strength. Is no more likely to fracture once healing is complete. Any asymmetries you have no are easily explained by swelling.

Crooked and Thin Nasal Bone Post-op?

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         Yes, your bridge was narrowed.  This is not uncommon after hump reduction.  The nose is definitely straighter than before.  Since you are two weeks after your rhinoplasty, swelling may be playing a role as well in the way the nose looks.  This is a limited view of your nose, but from this one view the postoperative nose is an improvement.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Rhinoplasty and swelling

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You are probably very swollen now and will have to allow things to settle. If you have concerns contact your doctor.

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