I'm 4 weeks post op with gel implants under the muscle. They are uneven? (Photo)

My saline implants over the muscle were removed due to a capsular contracture. The right breast that had the capsular contracture is sitting much lower than the other one, has less volume and is a different shape. I massage every day as directed in hopes the left one will drop. I'm very concerned this won't happen and I will be uneven unless I get a revision.

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Capsule contracture and asymmetry of breasts

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Dear Christine,

    Thanks for submitting your picture and sorry for your problems. From observing your picture the followings are noticed : 

   1. Very wide cleavage, especially up top. This usually is the result of using the sub mammary incision for insertion of the implants, which is too far for easy dissection.

   2. Nipple height asymmetry. Partially it is due to the sub mammary fold asymmetry. It is not easy to create symmetrical folds from the sub mammary incision.

   3. Left breast larger and slope fuller, partially due to higher sub mammary crease.

   In my practice , I make a sub areola incision which allows for easy and consistent  creation of nice cleavage and the symmetrical folds.

  Having said that, not all is lost though, yet, because you are still early in the healing process and things can be  improved , hopefully, conservatively. I would recommend intense implants displacement massage , mainly medially and wearing a bra with a wire on the right breast side 24/7. 

   Do it for 3-4 months. If condition do not improve, you will have to discuss with your surgeon the possibility of corrective surgery. If you do not get a positive response from your surgeon, consider consultation with other experienced board certified plastic surgeons who do lots of redo breasts augmentation. Most importantly, check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice cleavage, perky, symmetrical and natural looking.

            Best of luck,

                               Dr Widder

4 weeks post op, some advices:

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Thanks for the question. 

In my practice, after performing a BA I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense. 
In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling. 

Kind regards 

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Implant issue

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It would be nice to have seen preop photos to see what your breasts looked like before. The two breasts are a bit different, but this may be normal asymmetry.  The right breast appears a bit lower in the photo.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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