Fat transfer to cheek yesterday, looks like there is asymmetry, how long will it take for this to change? (photos)

I got fat injected to my cheeks and nasal labia folds yesterday.The surgeon said that he will not mix it with PRP bcz it will give better results without it. Im only 1 day post oper. Im worried.Right after the tranfer was done and when I looked into the mirror.the asymmetry was there.1 cheek is more on the outer side and higher than the other.Thinking that it will ever be symmetrical again.Plz can anyone tell how long it will take or it will ever be symmetrical again.I feel so depressed/worried.

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Asymmetrical Solution with cheek augmentation with fat--add prp and sculptra

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Swelling after fat transfer can last 3-6 months but often is just a few weeks. It can sometimes be asymmetrical, but will resolve. Antihistamines, diuretics and oral steroids can help swelling. I recommend following up with your Dr. about after care. I do recommend prp and sculptra injections to maintain results. Best, Dr. Emer

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Fat Transfer

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Thank you for posting your question. Different sides of the face can have different amount of swelling, On average, half of the transferred fat will eventually be reabsorbed, but the process takes at least 4-6 months. What you see now is not the final result. Give your body time to readjust and follow up closely with your physician to address any discomfort. Best of luck.

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Asymmetry is normal directly after fat transfer

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A few hours or days after the fat transfer, the appearance can be asymmetrical and swollen.  It usually takes 7 to 10 days before the fullness decreases to a reasonably presentable level.  Remember that almost double the amount of desired fat is transferred into the tissues, with the expectation that at least 50% of the transferred fat will absorb.  Placement of fat is an artistic technique, and the end results are not really seen until as long as 9 months after the initial treatment.

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