Where has the fat gone already? 7 days post-op Fat Transfer to cheeks and nasolabial folds.

I had a fat transfer on my cheeks and nasal labia folds. Im today 7days post op. There is very light swelling and my face has started looking like very normal like I looked before operation.My face looks like I never had a fat transfer. It makes me think like it was a waste of money. The bruises are almost gone. There is still fat to get absorbed the next 2months but but face has already started looking like it was before opr. Will the fat plump up again or it will only go down? Please reply.

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Hard to tell

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so the first two weeks after any operation, all sorts of things happen to make you (and us) confused. 

Firstly, if yo have some immediately before photos, you should compare to those. Early swelling is common and when this goes down, patients are often disappointed. Don't worry, there will have been some effect for sure, just not what you saw at 48 hours. 

Give everything 3 months at least to settle and then compare to you pre op photos and then judge what you have got.

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

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