Crepey Loose Skin Above Knees and Inner Thighs? (photo)

I am 30yrs old with slight wrinkling above the knees and the beginnings of loose skin on the inner thighs. I'm very active with about 23% body fat. As for previous skin-tightening; I've tried thermage before on my tummy with little results. Can you recommend a treatment to address these issues before they get too bad? Thank you for your help!

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Ultherapy, use to tighten that loose skin on not just those thighs, but tummy and or chest as well

Have you looked into Ultherapy, the main buzz is about noninvasive tightening and lift, not just of the face and neck, which is great, but on the thighs, tummy, and of the upper chest to gain lift. Ultherapy uses micropulses of ultrasound energy, so to speak, thousands of micro dots of harmless ultrasound energy to the deeper collagen of skin and fat to tighten, to grow back regenerate a collagen tighteness that is well, just lost as we begin to get older, even a little bit older.

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