Creating Symmetry Post Rhinoplasty Without Revision Surgery?

Middle eastern descent, surgery was open rhino 2 years ago out of the states, and have had 2 series of kenalog injections a year ago which worked well. I still have thick skin and not pleased with skin shrinkage to this point yet or my nostril opening asymetry. Would like a touch more kenalog if that would help now 2 years out for further shrink wrapping for more symmetry without jeopardizing the structure. Please advise? Also anything other than kenalog or revision surgery? Thanks in Atlanta

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Steroids Years after Rhinoplasty

   You are probably more likely to have problems with repeated injections that reap the benefits.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Creating Symmetry Post Rhinoplasty #nosejob

Usually Kenalog will not cause the effect you are asking. It is good for areas of scar post op up to about a year or so. It is very common for ethnic patients to have thick glandular skin and if not educated up front it can be frustrating. Ethnic Rhinoplasty patients do have a problem with shrinkage of skin as you call it. I do know that a colleague of mine will perform lactic acid peels in many ethnic patients prior to a Rhinoplasty. It is not written in the literature but he claims it will shrink glandular skin down so that the results are much better post operatively. You may want to ask around in your area to see if a peel can help reduce your thicker skin. If you do not like the shape of your nostrils many things can be done to change these features. You might need cartilage grafts or even partial excision of some skin of the nostril. A thorough evaluation by a board certified surgeon is very important.

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Symmetry 2 Years Post Rhnoplasty

You ask excellent questions but it is impossible to offer suggestions without  seeing you or pictures of your nose at this time. Kenalog injections may or may not help depending on the location and extent of the fullness.

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Steroids Will Not Change The Nose Years After Rhinoplasty

The use of injected steroids in rhinoplasty years after the initial surgery is not likely to produce any signficant effect. Steroids work best when scar tissue is not fully formed and is not very effective for well cross-linked scars. There are no other options other than revisional rhinoplasty for any improvement. at this point/

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Steriods can have unpredictable effects on the nose

Steriods are sometimes used in the nose.  The can help with healing. The risk is that it may be difficult to precisely judge the final effect.  A good approach is to accurately define the cause of the asymmetry and see if this can be corrected.

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