Creating a Gluteal Crease with Smart Lipo, Is this Possible? (photo)

I am 5'7 125 lbs. I have a round and medium size butt however i do not have a gluteal crease. one side of my butt has a very slight crease & the other side it doesnt.It just looks like it is attached to the back of my leg. however i recently went to a smart lipo office in PA ( top doc actually saw him on TV) and at my consultation i explained what i wanted and asked if it could be done to create a crease and would removing a bit on inner thighs and create a mid crease. is this possible?

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It is possible and may require some fat grafting

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the main concern is taking too much fat and making deep fold. I would consider fat grafting in combination with liposuction.

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Yes,that can be done. The problem is tha will allow the buttock tohang over the thigh area as you age. Most people do not want this. Your side without the crease is more desirable

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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Fat Grafting Isn't Always Needed

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Fat grafting can be an effective way to enlarge and lift the buttock, but it isn't always required.

With good liposculpting, the buttock can be given a lifted and fuller appearance without injecting large quantities of fat. Specifically, the hips, flanks and gluteal folds can be aggressively treated with liposuction. If smartlipo is used, some skin tightening can also be created. Some of the fat can be harvested for injection, but this does not need to be the focus of buttock aesthetics. Sculpting the fat with liposuction is often sufficient.

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Thank you for your photos. I'm assuming the photo on the left is you and the photo on the right is what you want. A combination of liposuction of the lower back roll and your inner thigh with fat injections should solve your problem.

Buttock crease

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Most people do not have a defined crease that runs across the back of the leg, and like you there is some asymmetry. If there is fat in the "banana roll", thius could be treated to accentuate the crease a bit.

Steven Wallach, MD
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