Possible to Create More Nosetip with Cartilage Injection?

I wonder if it's possible to create a little more nosetip and make the nosetip go up a little with a cartilage injection rather than fillerinjection. I don't like a big change, just a tiny change so regular surgery is nothing I could consider.

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Nosetip Correction

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Not sure what you mean by cartilage injection.  However, from what you describe, the surgical placement of a cartilage or Goretex graft, or more extensive tip sculpting, may be indicated.

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No. Cartilage is not injectable. Cartilage has to be grafted. Usually it is taken from your septum and placed at your nasal tip or other areas of nose if needed. You may try the fillers and if you liked the result then consider cartilage graft which is easily done.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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I have never seen or heard of a way to inject cartilage. Also if you grind it up or smash it too much before inserting it you do not get the same degree of filling by the cartilage graft. Without a photo or face to face examination it is impossible to say what you modality could help you achieve your desired goal or even if it is achievable.

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