How is It Possible to Create a New Chin Implant Pocket if One Already Exists?

If a person already has previous chin implant placed too high, how does A doctor create a lower pocket without creating one big pocket? Wouldnt the implant Just float around inside?

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Chin implant repositioning: old and new pockets

When it comes the chin implants, the best method to to limit upwards displacement into the previous pocket is to secure it in place typically performed wiht a suture or screw.

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Chin implant


The new pocket will inevitably communicate with the old pocket and will end up with one large pocket.

In these cases the question how to fix the implant so it does not move. Suturing to the soft tissue or periostium. or use an implant that can be fixed with a screw.

Other option remove the implant, let all heal then in 3 months put the implant in the right pocket.

Choose your surgeon carefully

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Revision Chin Implant Surgery

In this type of case, I would make my standard incision under the chin. Thru this access point I would then create a newer pocket lower along the jaw bone. Once the implant is repositioned, it can be sutured in place to minimize chances of postoperative migration or movement. The previous space that was occupied by the implant will eventually just shrink wrap down and close itself off. Good luck.

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