Creasing Between "Love Handles" and Tummy? (photo)

i had a full tt and lipo of my flanks almost 7 weeks ago and this creasing that i have between my flank area and tummy is really discouraging what could be the reason for this? doesnt look as bad when standing in a upright position, my "love handles" still seem puffy and they stick out when wearing my jeans or shorts im embarresed to wear a 2 piece swimsuit still beacase of this..does it look like i need additional lipo? the area feels really soft and no longer sore.. thank you

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Abdominoplasty revision

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This looks like it is due to the design of the excision. It may be fixable by adjusting the outer ends of the excision which is a simple procedure best performed by your operating surgeon. However you will need to give it more time so any residual swelling is completely gone before being assessed for such a revision. Minor revisions of the outer ends of an abdominoplasty scar are quite common.
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Creasing Betwn "Love Handles"&Tummy?Do I need Lipo?Answr:

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If you already had some Lipo to the hip area then I would give it more time. If you didn't have Lipo to the hip area and just had the tummy tuck , then you may notice a very flat tummy...and then this bulge over on the side. It can be done later or if you continue to lose a bit, that may get better...But I do know that this is an area that if I don't bring it to the attention of the patient, they will sure notice it later on!!! So I always ask. "so, does this part over here on the side bug you and if your tummy is flat, would it really bug you!!!!

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Poor contour after surgery

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There still may be edema in the flank areas.  Hopefully this will improve over time.  If not, you may need additional lipo of the hips and flanks.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Creasing Between "Love Handles" and Tummy?

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Thanks for a very interesting question and the posted photos, they help understand what your concerns are.This "CREASING" is a natural fold in your body that occurs on hip flexion or sitting or bending. Of course it is not present in the standing position. By comparing your before to the after photos I agree the flanks could have used more liposuction. But 7 weeks still very early in healing phase, wait til 3 months out than ask for lipo revision. Additionally, I must state the result is very good to a point like a 7 out of 10. I wonder why the downward direction of the lateral scar? Why the incision was not longer and more toward the "crease"? These are issues that needed to be understood/ discussed pre operatively in your informed consent. Thanks for this question. 

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