Are Creases or Wrinkling Normal After Abdominal Smart Lipo?

These creases in the abdomen were not there at 5 weeks but started to appear at week 6 and now at 8 weeks they seem quite permanent. They are more prominent after sitting. (I wore the compression garment for 5 weeks). Please tell me they'll go away!

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Fixed skin creases after Smart Lipo

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The fact that they are more prominent after sitting is an indication that it is loose skin. It is possible that you could experience some further "shrinkage of the skin" but it is likely to be only a modest degree. it is my impression that you should wait for 6-9 months to assess your final result. Ultrasound and topical massage may help to mobilize the skin and diminish areas of adherence.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Unfortunately will not go away

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You had good result from lipo and fat is gone but the extra skin still there. You may need to have mini tummy tuck to remove extra skin. This is a common problem with the over use of lipo (smart, cool, waterjet and others). You had too much fat removed to let the skin shrink.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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