What Can I Do For Creases Left on Neck from Brace after Laser Liposysis?

I had laser lipolysis on my neck three weeks ago, and have noticed that I have lumps which correspond to creases in the compression bandage I wore. Are these creases permanent, and what can I do (or have done *sigh*)?

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Creases Versus Wrinkles and Skin Damage from Brace After Laser Lipolysis

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The creases should go away over time.   Wrinkles and deep creases on the other hand, do not go away on their own because of damage done to the collagen and elastin structures beneath the skin.

Wearing a brace will not cause this type of damage. So your skin's elasticity should help the creases go away.

But do speak to your physician about this. Sometimes a neck lift is necessary to alleviate severe skin sagging following weight loss or fat loss.

Mild wrinkling can be treated with laser resurfacing using for example the Fraxel repair  or fraxel dual lasers


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Creases after bandage brace and laser lipolysis

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This should be temporary. However, you might have had these creases before surgery but they are now more apparent because you removed the fat in your neck. The fat serves to push out the crease and make them less noticeable. Laser resurfacing could reduce them but they will not get rid of them.

Philip Young, MD
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What Can I Do For Creases Left on Neck from Brace after Laser Liposysis?

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Without posting photos very hard to advise. I recommend massage or external ultrasound therapies. Seek a boarded surgeon to help you. 

Neck creases after laser lipolysis

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If the neck creases were caused by the compressive dressing that you wore following your laser lipolysis procedure, then the creases should smooth out over time.  Light massage of the area will also break up any abnormal scar bands that may have formed betweenyour neck skin and the underlying muscle.   I would also not get too worried about small irregularities in the surface texture of your neck at this point.  If the procedure was performed appropriately then you should end up with a smooth and well contoured neck.  If you should have any concerns, you should discuss this with your surgeon.

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