I Have Creases Under my Eyes Caused from Pulling the Skin Down for Makeup. How Do I Fix?

I have creases under both my eyes on my checkbones from literally pulling my under eye skin down so I could see into my eyes due to getting dust/ makeup in them. I know have puffiness and large lines that are easily shadowed by certain light arrangements in the office and at home and it looks terrible. Is there anyway to get the skin to appear tighter without plastic surgery ?i am only 27 yeas old and I hate the way it makes me look.

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Creases under eyes

Without pictures or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  There are many possibilities depending your specific situation.  Possible treatments include, Botox, fillers, or even lower eyelid surgery.  However, you would need an in person consultation to know what is best for you.


Good Luck.

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