Why Are my Creases Different?

I had breast augmentation 1 month ago. And been very unhappy with the out come thus far of my right breast. In my pics I noticed my creases are not the same. Could this be causing my implant not to fall resulting in the oval shape? Will it stay this way? My other breast is perfect. I had sag prior to BA but I don't recall different size creases. Did having BA cause this?

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Asymmetry is a matter of degree

It is unusual to see a woman whose breasts don't have a at least a small degree of asymmetry.  What surprises me is how many of them never noticeit  before surgery, but see it immediately when I bring out the pre-op photos.  First, ask to see yours and discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Second, wait another 3-6 months.  Your breasts will continue to change and may end up much closer than they are now.  Once they have settled completely you can make a better assessment about the need for any revision.  Good luck.

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Asymmetry after breast augmentation

You definitely have some asymmetry, but that can be normal one month after surgery. The implants are relatively wide on your chest and the right side seems to be sitting quite high and lateral. Without seeing your preoperative photos, determining the reasons for this are hard to know. I'd discuss your concerns with your surgeon - he or she may have an explanation for the asymmetry. Sometimes, it takes more time for the breast soft tissue envelope to relax and your results may be better in a few months. If the results fail to improve, the reasons for it may be a capsular contracture, incomplete pocket dissection or muscle release, or implant malposition (moving to places it shouldn't); all of these require surgery to correct.

Hope this helps. All the best - Sam Jejurikar

Sam Jejurikar, MD
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Uneven breasts after breast augmentation

Not knowing what you started with or exactly what was done to give you this result it is hard to say what needs to be done to fix the situation. Your posted photos clearly show the asymmetry you describe. I assume the right breast in your complaint is on the right side of the photo which shows a more vertical oval or rectangular shaped breast on that side. If the same size implants were placed on both sides this could be due to inadequate dissection of the pocket, blood or fluid collecting in the pocket or other reasons. You will likely need corrective surgery so the next question is when to do it. I would say once the breasts have fully recovered from the surgery in terms of swelling etc. The best person to make that decision and plan that procedure is currently your original surgeon.

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Asymmetry early after Breast Implants.

It appears as though you took these pics in a mirror and that the right side of the picture is the one you are concerned about. 
Many women have asymmetric creases.  If one is higher than the other and not corrected, then that implant will sit a little higher.  If this implant is harder than the other, you may have a capsular contracture which is a common reason why one implant sits higher and doesn't settle like the other softer implant.   

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Post Breast Augmentation Asymmetry

It appears from your photos that you have an asymmetric placement of the implants (without a pre-op photo this is difficult to determine why).  The right implant appears to be more to the side with the left higher and more oval.  Additionally, it looks as if you may have needed a breast lift in addition to implants to get a more youthful breast.

However, one month is not enough time to make a final decision and I would recommend waiting to see how things progress. Keep in touch with your surgeon as there is a possibility you may need a revision or adjustment of the capsule if this fails to improve.  Wait at least 3-6 months before deciding on the appropriate next step.

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Asymmetry after breast augmentation

Almost all women have some differences between their breasts. Sometimes these differences are much more obvious after surgery. At one month after surgery, there is still swelling so your result is not "final." I would recommend waiting at least another 3-4 months before any final evaluation or decision about further surgery. And be aware that lowering the crease can lead to problems--which may be worse than your current differences. The best person to share your concerns with is your plastic surgeon both now and as you continue to heal and have decreased swelling. You may be surprised at how similar your breasts will be in another few months.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
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Breast asymmetry

All breasts are a bit asymmetric and more than likely you had this before surgery.  If you needed a lift before implant surgery, more than likely you needed it durign surgery.  A good exam in person would help. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Post Breast Augmentation Asymmetry

Sometimes breast implants settle at different rates.  The cause for asymmetry maybe due to different factors.  One muscle might be tighter, one side might have problems with slight bleeding or swelling, one side might have a naturally higher crease.  Your surgeon should evaluate you to determine if there are any problems.  Most likely, the breasts will be symmetric with time.  Local massage might help.  

Elizabeth S. Harris, MD
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