Creased nasal sill after Alar Base Reduction and Revision - the stitches are in between the crease instead of horizontal.

A year ago, I had rhinoplasty(alar reduction). Where the excision was made in the nasal sill, the skin did not connect properly so, it looked like the skin was folded/ creased. Therefore, I had a revision surgery to correct this last week. The stitches are still on but, I have been looking closely and noticed the stiches are in between the crease instead of horizontal, connecting side to side. Is this something I should be worried about? I am afraid of the same results and would rather act early.

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Alar base reduction revision

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IT is not clear without an evaluation but in reality, there is not likely much you would do in terms of "acting early" to treat the problem.

Healing of alar scar

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With alar scars they should be repaired using everting sutures to minimize risk of depressed scars which are common in that area if the proper technique is not used

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