After a Brazilian Butt Lift I Was Told That I Have Nodules in My Gluteal Area?

there are nudules in my gluteal area after having a ulta sound done they were able to see them my right side seems to be more the the lefft n wen im sitting there are times the i think the remote is under me what are the risk if any

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Fat Necrosis after BBL

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The hard nodules your are describing are probably fat necrosis. These may be painful and uncomfortable but will most likely be a serious risk to you. It is really just a cosmetic problem. If they are a real problem, then you may desire that they are removed by surgery but this will likely leave visible scars and contour irregularities. This is a bad problem unfortunately for you. Proper technique by a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in BBLs shold make this complication unlikely.

Nodules in Buttocks after Brazilian Butt Lift

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If the nodules are not easily felt and they are not particularly tender then I would not worry too much about them. Allow at least a year to heal and they may likely resolve on their own. Small areas of fat may die during the transplantation process and these areas - known as fat necrosis may persist for a lengthy amount of time. When they are visible or chronically tender they may require direct treatment. Ask your surgeon for his opinion based upon your specific issues.  Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

Brazilian Buttlift and Fat Necrosis

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    After Brazilian buttlift, fat necrosis may occur and this may be what you are describing.  If these lumps are significant, you may want to wait as they may soften over time.  However, if they continue to bother you they may need to be removed.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Nodules After Brazilian Butt Lift

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It sounds from your description that you have some areas of fat necrosis or areas of inflamed fat after your surgery.  I do not know how out from your surgery you are.  I recommend close follow up with your surgeon.  Hopefully these will soften with time.  If they do not, your surgeon might be able to offer you a way to get rid of them.  Good luck.

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