Cracked Veneer, Temp Came off my Remaining Tooth! The Horror at How Much She Shaved Off! Was This Normal or Necessary? (photo)

New city & DMD, second broken veneer and same horror story: I think the DMD shaved too much off! First time, that DMD claimed the veneer could not be any thinner, and if my tooth had not been shaved so thin the veneer would be bulky - it still IS, compared to the other one. Now lat incisor cracks off, different DMD, temp veneer plops off and LOOK. This was a normal tooth before, no problems. Did she overdo it or am I just shocked at the sight? At this rate, my tooth won't make it thru two more.

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This is a very conservative prep

This actually looks very good.  This is very conservative and should pose no issue at all.  In fact it should be able to survive a new one.  If done well, it should last a long time.  Since it has cracked or come off, your bite should be evaluated.

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