What is the best option for TT and BA; breathing tube or a spinal?

So I my PS is giving me an option to a breathing tube or a spinal block for the procedure. I have the beginning stages of degenerative disk disease and have some issues with my lower back from the two spinal blocks I had with my two c-sections. Is it advisable to go with the breathing tube as apposed to the spinal because of this?? My PS says that it is an "easier recovery with a spinal"and as far as the breathing tube will this affect or COULD this affect my vocal cords as I am a singer.. 

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Breathing tube versus spinal block?

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You did not mention the procedure you are going to have performed which will have a major impact on the anesthesia options. Vocal cord injuries from general endotracheal anesthesia are extremely rare in cosmetic surgery cases. If no muscle paralysis is needed, an LMA can be used which doesn't go through the vocal cords.

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