Which Codes Can I Use to Get Chemical Peels Acne Tx Reimbursed?

I have adult-onset acne and my physician does not bill insurance, so I am trying on my own to seek reimbursement. I was using the dx code for cystic acne (706.1). Is this the best code to use? Also, the physician's office was unable to give me tx codes for "skin medica peels", "acne perfector" tx, "cool breeze" tx, LED acne tx, or the "extreme fotofacial" with LED. Do you know these codes or have any suggestions for obtaining reimbursement?

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There are codes but not all insurance plans cover chemical peels for acne

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As mentioned below, the code for chemical peel for acne is 17360.  Not all insurance plans will reimburse you for this treatment.  Most regard it as cosmetic.  Good luck.

New York Dermatologist

These can be tried:

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The code for acne exfoliation is: Acne exfoliation: 17360. The code for light therapy is: 96900 Actinotherapy(ultraviolet light). Good luck.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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