I am 29. Should I get a transplant? (photos)

I am 29 years old and may have started the receding procees due to stress from school or maybe genetics. I'm not entirely sure if my hair is receding, but should I wait longer to do anything about? I recently started taking biotin supplements, along with a hair loss prevention shampoo.

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Some amount of receding of the temples is perfectly normal for adult males

Your hairline looks very nice right now but hairloss is a slowly progressive process. You may be able to get clues to what your hair will do in the future by looking at your father, grandfathers, or uncles. If at 29, this is the only receding you have, you are in good shape. Adult males should have an arching hairline at their temples, not rounded like a female or flat and low like Donald Trump. I agree with the items you've found (pictured above) that can help keep your hair strong and heathy.

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If you are losing hair and want treatment options you should schedule a consultation with a doctor.

If you are losing hair and want treatment options you should schedule a consultation with a doctor.  Photos cannot give you the answers you seek.

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Hair transplant

Preventative measures are worth their weight and you've gotten off to a good start.  Hair loss is progressive and prevention is key in combination with restoration procedure, if needed, to reframe your facies and provide the temple closure you seek.  Based on the picture, albeit a better lit one would be preferred, the temples have recessed and they can be restored.  If you are susceptible to further hair loss, further procedures may be necessary to keep up with the loss. 

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Do I need a hair transplant?

You should find an honest hair restoration surgeon and ask that surgeon the question. The picture does not show pattern balding which is what hair transplants are used for, not hair loss nor thinning hair

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