I fear my skin is burned and won't heal? (photo)

My PS performed a 35% Blue peel. 2 weeks later she did a 'touch-up' on my chin. 35%, just not Blue peel. It immediately didn't 'look' like my first peel. It didn't peel like the original It didn't heal the same; as you can see from my pics.; It's red, and the texture doesn't seem to be like the rest of my face. What is happening and what can I do? It's been 14 days since the 'touch-up'. Thanks for your consideration.

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Improving redness after a chemical peel

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Persistent redness from a redo chemical peel may be improved with application of Elevase Moisture Booster with ceramides (improves skin moisture barrier) and pulsed dye laser. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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2nd round of chemical peel after the Blue peel

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It is not likely that you will peel as much so soon after the initial Obagi Blue peel because the outer layers of the skin have already peeled. 

The Obagi Blue peel is a proprietary peel with 'color' added to help guide the level of peel. 

Watch the videos on the link provided below. 

Blue Peel Healing Concern

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Blue Peel Healing Concern
What does your doctor advise? Consider topical steroids for now like temovate, IPL may be helpful in a few weeks. After six weeks or so of topical treatments. Low dose steroid / 5 fu injectables can be of benefit as well.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Redness after second TCA peel

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  • You had a modified Blue Peel - the Blue Peel was specifically designed for safely and limited to 25% TCA.
  • A 35% TCA peel is fine if carefully done by an experienced physician,
  • a second 35% application at 2 weeks will not peel as the outer skin is already gone,
  • Your skin looks red - it went deeper into the skin,
  • See your plastic surgeon to discuss.
  • Additional care, e.g. ointments and silicone sheeting may be needed for good healing.

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